Marginal and Damp Ground

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    This plant carries scarlet flowers through June-August. It is well suited to bog gardens, stream and pond edges in full sun or part shade.

    Height 45 – 60cm

  • MIMULUS LUTEUS (Monkey Musk)

    Bright yellow flowers can have red spots on the petals.  This plant grows well in boggy ground and stream or pond edges with 3-6cms of water over the crown in full sun to part shade.

    Height 20 – 30cm

  • MYOSOTIS SCORPIOIDES (Water forget-me-not)

    This Water forget-me-not has masses of sky blue, yellow- centred flowers from May- September. It provides colour when many marginal plants have ceased flowering. It can be planted in 5cms of water in sun to part shade. A must for informal ponds.

    Height 10 – 45cm

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    This unusual looking plant has blue-green leaves, some stick up other float on the water. The flowers are bright yellow on the end of white stalks appear April-June. This deep water plant does well in sun to part shade in 15-45cms water over the crown. This is an ideal plant for providing cover for small fish and wildlife.

    Height 25 – 35cm


    This attractive structural plant has narrow glossy green leaves and produces spikes of soft blue flowers June-October. It is well suited to the shallow edges of ponds or streams, and can be grown in water 25-40cm in sun to part shade.

    Height 65 – 100cm


    An attractive plant produces masses of single pink flowers from May – June. Suitable for bog gardens, and miost borders in full sun/ part shade.

    Height 50cm

  • RANNUNCULUS FLAMULA (Lesser Spearwort)

    A pretty plant for the pond side with mid-green leaves and waxy yellow buttercup like flowers from April-July. It does well when planted in containers in water up to 15-20cm in full sun it often continues growing through winter. This is a good plant for providing shelter for small fish and wildlife and is ideal for small ponds.

    Height 25 – 30cm

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    Has large round leaves, palmate leaves that can be green, green with crimson or purple, especially in spring. Leaves tends to revert  to green as summer progresses. It sends up tall flower spike from white through pink to crimson.


    Grows large pinnate leaves 90 cm across on 90 cm high stems, flowers vary from white through to pink.


    A double flower version of the sagittafolia family. Deep green arrow shaped leaves with beautiful pure white double flowers June-July.  

    Height 60-90
    Planting depth 2-20cm


    Long, large arrow shaped leaves with plate shaped white flower with yellow centres. Called duck potato it is enjoyed by wildfowl.

    Height 40-100cms
    Planting depth 2-20cms



    This native plant has large arrow shaped leaves. White flowers with a purple centre.

    Height 50-70cms
    Planting depth 2-20cms.

    This group of plants produces new bulbs under the water which new plants.

  • Saurus Cernus

    his plant produces multiple stems with spear shaped leaves with curious white hooked flowers July – August . The roots create a large mat that is beneficial to invertebrates but not really suitable for small ponds due to it vigorous growth.

    Height 50 – 20 cms deep in sun /part shade.


    An ideal plant for large natural area. Tall stems carry pink/ purple flowers in summer that are attracted to insects.

    Height 1 meter plant  0 – 10cm in full sun/part shade.

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    produces flowers up to 5cm across above strongly dissented butter cups type leaves. Flowers from may onward regular dead heading will extend the flowering period to the end of summer.

    Height 1 metre, plant  in full sun/part shade.


    This marginal plant is covered in pretty bright blue flowers all summer. This plant is Ideal for softening the pond edges.

    Height 20 – 25cm

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