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  • Nymphaea ‘Attraction’

    Deep garnet-red flowers, stellate shaped, with lighter outer petals. This lily is a good bloomer and tolerant of some shade.    

    Spread 80 – 100cm.

    Planting depth 50 – 90cm.

  • Nymphaea ‘Charles ‘de Meurville’

    This lily produces beautiful flowers with dark pinkish red inner petals with lighter pink outer petals.

    It is an excellent bloomer.

    Spread 120 – 150cm.

    Planting depth 30 – 60cm.

  • Nymphaea ‘Conquerer’

    This lily is an excellent bloomer. Inner petals are deep red that darken with age, outer petals start white then turn pink. New leaves are slightly bronze.  

    Spread 70 – 90cm.

    Planting depth 30 – 80cm.

  • Nymphaea ‘Escarboucle’

    This bright vermillion red lily is an excellent bloomer staying open longer than most. New brownish leaves turn green.   

    Spread 80 – 100cm.

    Planting depth 50 – 90cm.

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    Nymphaea ‘Froebeli’

    This pretty lily has deep burgundy-red cup shaped flowers. It is free flowering plant

    Spread 50 – 80cm.

    Planting depth 25 – 60cm.

  • Nymphaea ‘Gloriosa’

    This lily has lightly flecked bright red petals on cup shaped flowers. It is an excellent bloomer.    

    Spread 100 – 150cm.

    Planting depth 40 – 90cm.

  • Nymphaea ‘James Brydon’

    A compact water lily with vivid rose coloured flowers. New leaves are purplish and mottled. This lily is tolerant of some shade.

    Spread 60 – 100cm.

    Planting depth 30 – 60cm.

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    Nymphaea Black Princess

    This free flowering lily producers blood red flowers June – September.

    Spread 80 –120cms planting depth 30 – 90cms.

  • Nymphaea Ellisiana

    A small lily, with bright red single flowers, very free flowering.

    Spread 60cms, planting depth  30-45cms, flowers June-Sept

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