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    Hornwort is an excellent oxygenator for the pond with its feathery foliage providing cover for spawning and baby fish. This plant can be placed into the pond where it will grow floating, or left in bunches with lead weight and dropped to the bottom of the pond in 25-75cm of water.  This plant does well in full sun to part shade. Sold in bunches.


    This unusual looking plant grows half in and half out of the water. It is an excellent oxygenator and nitrate remover. Due to its growing habit it provides cover for spawning fish, baby fish and wildlife, growing in sun to part shade. It can be grown in water from 6-20cm.

    Height 10 – 20cm


    This oxygenator has feathery fronds that float under the water topped by broader leaves that float on the surface with white buttercup like flowers appearing from May-August in full sun to part shade. It is best planted in containers of aquatic compost in 15-60cm of water. Sold in bunches.

    Height 5 – 8cm

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