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    Iris Black Gamecock

    Beautiful,  large deep purple almost black blooms. An ideal pond Iris as it appreciates plenty of moisture, flowers  June / July

    Height 80-100, depth 0-20cms

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    Iris Dark Aura

    A marginal iris with dark purple flowers, the leaves almost black in spring. It does well in bog gardens or pond edges with up to 10cms over the crown in full sun.

    Height 60cms, flowers May / June

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    Iris laevigata ‘ Mottled Beauty

    A beautiful iris with white flowers overlaid with deep blue speckles. Flowers  June / July.

    Height 60-90cms, depth 0-15cms

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    IRIS LAEVIGATA (Snow Drift)

    A marginal iris with tall narrow stems, slender green leaves and double white flowers with a pale lilac centre in June-July. It does well when grown with 4-10cm over the crown placed in full sun.

    Height 65 – 75cm


    This iris has deep green to green grey leaves, producing multiple flowers on the stem in May-June. It is a real moisture loving plant doing well in water up 10-14cm over the crown in full sun to part shade.

    Height 65 – 90cm

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    Iris Sibirica Blue

    An attractive, free flowering,  blue iris with a white and yellow throat. It prefers moist to boggy soil. Flowers June/July

    Height 60-90cms, depth 0cms

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    Iris Sparkling Rose

    This pretty iris has pink /mauve flowers with a yellow throat and a hint of purple veining.  Plant in rich moist soil in a sunny position.  Flowers May-June,

    Height 60-90cms

  • Iris Versicolor Blue Flag

    Narrow upright foliage with branched stems bearing bluish- purple flowers with a yellow throat Flowers June/July.

    Height 60-90cms, depth 0-15cms

  • Iris Versicolor Kermesina

    Attractive grey-green foliage bearing rich claret- purple flowers with white veining.

    Height 60-90cms, water depth 0-15cms.

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    SIBERIAN IRIS (Blue King)

    This beautiful iris has slender grey green leaves, producing purple blue flowers with yellow and white markings on the throat in late April-June. It does well in moist, but well drained soil making it ideal for pond and stream edges in full sun.

    Height 65 – 75cm

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