Deep Water Marginals

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    This unusual deep water plant has mid green ovate leaves and produces curious white flowers with a vanilla perfume. As it prefers cooler conditions it flowers March-May and September-October or longer in milder weather, does well in sun to part shade.

    Height 30 – 75cm

    Spread 30 – 95cm


    This unusual looking plant grows half in and half out of the water. It is an excellent oxygenator and nitrate remover. Due to its growing habit it provides cover for spawning fish, baby fish and wildlife, growing in sun to part shade. It can be grown in water from 6-20cm.

    Height 10 – 20cm


    This pond fringe lily has 5cm wide, floating, heart-shaped leaves and broad yellow flowers June-August, useful for quick surface cover and removing nitrates. It is best to plant the rooted section in a container 30-60cm of water in full sun, the plant will send out runners.

    Height 3 – 5cm

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    This unusual looking plant has blue-green leaves, some stick up other float on the water. The flowers are bright yellow on the end of white stalks appear April-June. This deep water plant does well in sun to part shade in 15-45cms water over the crown. This is an ideal plant for providing cover for small fish and wildlife.

    Height 25 – 35cm

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